Invoice Finance

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In the world of business, steady cash flow is the heartbeat of success. At Sharpe Commercial Finance, we understand the vital role it plays. That’s why we introduce you to the game-changing solution of Invoice Finance. 

Join us on this journey to discover how Invoice Finance can empower your business to thrive in today’s dynamic marketplace.

What is Invoice Finance?

Invoice Finance, often referred to as invoice factoring or discounting, is a financial tool designed to help businesses bridge the gap between issuing invoices and receiving payment. It allows you to convert your unpaid invoices into working capital, ensuring your business has the funds it needs to operate smoothly and seize growth opportunities.

Our Invoice Finance Solutions

At Sharpe Commercial Finance, we offer a suite of Invoice Finance solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your business:

Quick Access to Cash

 Unlock the value of your unpaid invoices, gaining access to cash when you need it most.

Steady Cash Flow

Maintain a consistent cash flow to cover operational expenses, invest in growth, and remain agile in your industry.

Customised Solutions

We create tailored Invoice Finance plans to match your business’s unique requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your operations.

Professional Support

Benefit from our team’s expertise, helping you navigate the nuances of invoice factoring and discounting.

Scalable Financing

As your business grows, our Invoice Finance solutions can be scaled up to accommodate increased funding needs.

Credit Risk Mitigation

We offer credit risk assessment services to help you make informed decisions about your clients and protect your business from bad debts.

Advantages of Invoice Finance


Improve Cash Flow

Invoice Finance accelerates the flow of funds into your business, reducing the need to wait for customer payments.


Working Capital Flexibility

Access the working capital you need without taking on additional debt or giving up equity.


Business Growth

Fund growth initiatives, take on new clients, or expand your product line with confidence.


Supplier Negotiation

Negotiate better terms with suppliers by having cash on hand to secure early payment discounts.


Risk Reduction

Invoice Finance can help mitigate credit risk by providing insight into the creditworthiness of your customers.


Operational Efficiency

Focus on core business operations rather than chasing overdue payments, boosting productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

You sell your unpaid invoices to a finance provider, who advances you a portion of the invoice amount immediately, and the remainder (minus fees) when the invoice is paid.


The terms can be flexible, ranging from short-term to ongoing arrangements, depending on your business needs.

Yes, Invoice Finance is suitable for small businesses, startups, and larger enterprises seeking to optimize cash flow.


Depending on the type of Invoice Finance, you may be responsible for repaying the finance provider or not, depending on the agreement.


Eligibility depends on several factors, including your customers’ creditworthiness and the quality of your invoices. We can assess your specific situation.

Eligibility depends on several factors, including your customers’ creditworthiness and the quality of your invoices. We can assess your specific situation.

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