Bridging Finance

Unlocking opportunities with bridging finance.

In the dynamic world of business, seizing opportunities often requires rapid access to capital. Here’s where Bridging Finance steps in as your reliable partner. 

Bridging finance is a versatile short-term lending solution designed to provide fast access to funds when timing is critical. It’s the financial bridge that empowers businesses to make strategic moves, unlock potential, and achieve their goals with confidence.

What is Bridging Finance?

Bridging finance is a short-term loan option designed to “bridge” the gap between a pressing financial need and a longer-term financing solution. It’s a flexible and speedy funding tool that can be tailored to your unique business circumstances, enabling you to secure funds quickly for various purposes.

Our Bridging Finance Solutions

At Sharpe Commercial Finance, we offer a range of Bridging Finance services crafted to meet your specific needs:

Auction Finance: Secure the winning bid at property auctions with our quick funding solutions.

Property Development: Fund your property development projects smoothly with our tailored financing.

Chain-Breaking Finance: Avoid delays in property transactions by bridging the gap between buying and selling.

Commercial Bridging: Seize business opportunities, refurbish properties, or invest in ventures with our support.

Residential Bridging: Smoothly transition between properties or tackle unexpected expenses with ease.

Land Purchase: Acquire the land you need for your vision with our efficient land purchase financing.

Bridge the gap to your financial goals with Bridging Finance

Advantages of Bridging Finance



Bridging finance provides rapid access to funds, often within days, allowing you to capitalise on time-sensitive opportunities.



It’s tailored to your specific needs, offering versatile solutions for various business situations.


Credit History

Your credit history may have less impact on approval since collateral is often involved.


Short Term Commitment

Bridging loans typically have short terms, minimising long-term financial obligations.


Property as Collateral

Property can be used as collateral, enabling you to access higher loan amounts.


Smooth Transactions

Prevent delays in property transactions, ensuring a seamless process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bridging loans are short-term, typically ranging from a few weeks to a year, with flexibility in repayment terms.

While credit history matters, bridging finance often relies more on the value of the collateral and the purpose of the loan.

In many cases, you can secure funds within a few days, making it ideal for time-sensitive opportunities.

Yes, residential property can often be used as collateral for bridging loans, including those for business purposes.

It depends on the terms of your specific loan, but many bridging loans offer flexibility with early repayments.

If you can’t repay on time, discuss your situation with your lender. Extensions or refinancing options may be available.

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